Ana Marina is trained metalsmith and a jewelry designer and artisan currently based in Denver CO. She was born and raised in Mexico City and migrated to Los Angeles California when she was fifteen years old. Ana Marina’s early journey as an immigrant living in the U.S. posed the opportunity for self- exploration and discovery that allowed her to shape her identity as a Mexican woman who uses her passion for art, history and community to elevate her cultural heritage through her work.

Ana Marina has a B.A. in History and Latin American Studies and a minor in Spanish. Although at the time she was not able to exercise her career as a teacher, her studies planted a foundation for what her future artistic work as a jewelry designer and maker will reflect.

Her love for art began at an early age, but Ana Marina showed special interest for jewelry, specifically hand-crafted jewelry due to its singularity and uniqueness. For Ana Marina, the transformation jewelry creates in someone's appearance is felt more than seen, as she believes jewelry is a form of adornment that creates its own language capable of communicating someone’s mood, personality and even convey what they stand for. 

In 2017 Ana Marina decided to reembark in the academic life began studying metalsmithing, the ancient art of handcrafted metal jewelry. Ana Marina is a trained silversmith and jewelry designer. She launched her business Ana Marina Studio and continues to work on expanding her applied knowledge and technique of jewelry making, designing, gemstone knowledge and business sales. 

Ana Marina Statement

As a Mexican immigrant living in the U.S I use my artwork to elevate and celebrate my cultural heritage and create a bridge that connects our ancestral roots to modern contexts. It’s important for me to transmit my passion for my history through my work because through it, I intent to preserve the grandiose characteristics that identify Mexican culture and design.

With my pieces, I also intend to adorn my collectors and make them feel seen, celebrated and empowered with meaningful jewelry. My inspiration to create statement pieces comes from the legacy of ancient Meso-American cultures that used jewelry as a form of adornment and to emanate their personal power on to the world. 

My main mediums are metal and acrylic. Metal is a very permissive material that allows me to convert my ideas into something solid, there is no limit. I can choose to transform a flat sheet of metal into a simple pair of earrings by adding form and texture, or I can make an intricate sculptural piece. The process requires meditation and awareness of every step before moving forward. It requires patience. Regardless of what I choose the finished piece to be, the real magic is in transforming a raw piece of metal into a wearable piece of art. Recently, I began to incorporate alternative materials for my work such as wood and acrylic. I like incorporating these materials as they allow me to explore different techniques and have fun expanding my artistic knowledge and variation of my work.

In a time when massed produced jewelry is readily available to the public, it is important to me to continue the tradition of Mexican jewelry masters that craft every piece using artisan techniques that are still relevant as well as historical reference that add value to jewelry as a form of adornment.